Collaboration with Chocolate Dances

It’s a good time as winter winds down to celebrate all that is warm and luscious. Megan Sipe, choreographer, director, and dancer extraordinaire of Chocolate Dances, is a woman who exudes warmth, luxury, and comfort, so it’s fitting that she decided to make a dance about her love of chocolate. She reached out to me to see if I wanted to consult on costumes and I said, “I really want to make something for you, I have an idea already just hearing you describe the dance.” I imagined what I would want to wear while lolling around in a giant vat of liquid chocolate. Creating with Megan came naturally as she had so much trust in me and handed over the reigns to allow me to design and make uninhibitedly.

Chocolate Dances premiered at The Drilling Company Theater, NYC, February 14th, 2013. Danced by Megan Sipe, Kaley Pruitt, Cat Murcek, and Andrew Broaddus.

Costumes and Photos by Rachel Walters







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