Choosing a Color Palette


A few factors play into color palette selection. Consider the advice of trend researchers and color forecasters and then go your own way. Don’t be afraid to deviate in favor of your instincts. Consider your audience and your inspiration/theme. Choose colors that are harmonious no matter how they’re rearranged into smaller subsets. Consider the skin tones of every race and decide which hue or tone of your color will be most flattering. Make sure you have a range of several neutrals to form the backbone of your collection, as most people largely or only dress in neutrals. Then add in a range of pop colors that can be used in touches to enliven a garment as trim or embellishment. Sometimes making a garment stand apart is as simple as choosing a pop color to bind off the seam or placket of an otherwise neutral garment. Keep one set of your colors with your original inspirational images, mood board or design cork board. Keep another set in your portable research journal to accompany you to fabric and trim shops as you select your materials. Refer to it often, and your collection will have the cohesion of a seasoned professional. Finally, choose names for your colors that harken back to your theme. My theme so far (I’m sure it will be further refined as I continue my research) is “Origins of the Tao.”


China White

Black Pottery


Filtered Sunlight

Lemon Tree

Hidden Sanctuary

Fire Dance

Jade Vein


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