Self Portrait

As fashion week approaches, I feel a bit all-over the place and it’s almost as though I have to work harder to carry the pieces around. Hence this self-portrait I made today, first by doing the hand-drawn sketch, then editing and coloring it up in Photoshop.
Self Portrait 1as

Here’s version 2, a bit more violent, but as a co-worker told me, “you don’t need to go there, version1 is cool enough by itself.” What do you think?

Self Portrait 1a reds


7 thoughts on “Self Portrait

    • rachelzwalters says:

      Thanks so much for your opinion! I feek ok, I tend to thrive under pressure. Just feeling scattered, like my attention has to be divided in too many places. Working on correcting this by ultimately achieving my dream- to run Undecillion full time! But it takes many years to build a brand, I think, and quite a lot of investment. Thanks so much for your concern!

      • Chris Thomas says:

        You’re welcome. Try to work with different todo lists and switch the context not more than every half hour. Multi tasking is brain f*ck and makes you unhappy and exhausted. By the way, have you read Loyalty 3.0 by Rajat Paharia? I’ve shared some of his insights on . You might find it helpful to build up your brand πŸ™‚
        Wish you success and if I can do anything for you or if you have any questions/things you want feedback on, feel free to contact me.
        Have a great day,

      • rachelzwalters says:

        Thank for the book recommendation! I will definitely purchase this on Amazon! I have quite the book collection now on how to start a corporation, how to sell your line to stores, books about branding… this will be a nice addition! Now if only I could find the time to read them all! Ha! It will make for great train reading! Thank you for caring about others, it’s a quality that’s rare, but the more we do it, the more contagious it becomes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Chris Thomas says:

        You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Yes, my reading queue is quite crowded, too but some train reading will do, too I hope. And next week, I should find some holiday time to spend on reading πŸ˜‰
        Yesterday, I was at the summer party of the company I work for (which celebrated its 40th anniversary) and its founder, GΓΆtz Werner ( told us that we should see everyone as a customer and if we couldn’t satisfy our internal customers (co-workers) how could we ever satisfy an external customer (“real customer” who buys something). Lucky me we manage quite well πŸ˜‰ And he also told us that only if we invested ourselves into the company, we would make a change and use our lifetime (he has a quite similar view like me and says that it doesn’t matter if it is spare time or work time because it’s life time you should spend in a great and useful way) the right way for us. Very inspiring!
        Have a great day,

      • rachelzwalters says:

        GΓΆtz Werner is a wise, wise man! That’s exactly how I live! Extracting the meaning and usefulness from every moment! Making it count! How exciting! Life is always exciting when you live this way! Cheers!

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