Undecillion Fall 2014 Inspiration/Story

Immediately following the great success of the Undecillion Spring 2014 runway show on September 7th at the Metropolitan Pavilion as part of Small Boutique Fashion Week, Undecillion launched into avid planning for the next season: Fall 2014 is well underway already! We’ll be showing the next season’s runway show again in February as part of fashion week, if all goes as planned.

Here’s the story behind the inspiration for the new line in development now:

Partly inspired by my cousin, Dr. Shiloh Whitney,


who just became a PhD and a  professor of philosophy at Fordham University at age 30 (don’t feel bad, she was home-schooled, which allows you to bypass a lot of garbage, and progress at an accelerated speed. I once got detention in middle school and finished the day’s work in one hour, if that proves anything to you), and partly inspired by stumbling across Andrei Tarkovsky’s polaroids while browsing the web, this collection will be for the woman who loves to read and research, look at art, and absorb new information.
In my rich imagination space, I pictured the French version of Shiloh going
to an exhibit of Tarkovsky’s polaroids.

Tarkovskypol1 Tarkovsky-4 4 2 5

What would she be wearing that day, and how will seeing these images impact her wardrobe choices in the coming fall/winter season? What types of garments will a newly minted PhD and professor living in Manhattan need? These are the questions at hand as I brainstorm and study Tarkovsky’s images.
The “steps” motif, which will repeat throughout, achieved with color-blocked seam splicing, speaks to both women climbing the workplace ladder, and to taking small and large steps towards a distant goal.


3 thoughts on “Undecillion Fall 2014 Inspiration/Story

  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Hey Rachel,
    glad you’ve already found inspiration, looking forward to see the results 🙂 Did you know about LEGO jewelry? I thought you could maybe combine it with your dresses 😉 What do you think? A friend of mine makes some btw 🙂
    Have a great day,

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