“Nomad” Aveda Congress Show in Collaboration with Tippi Shorter

Undecillion Nomad Line-up F13

Tippi Shorter is a celeb hairstylist who found me via Etsy and reached out to collaborate on a runway show for this fall’s Aveda Congress. Her theme was “Nomad” and she sent me a mood board so I could get to work designing and making the hand-dyed jersey knit looks you see here. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her, from start to finish. Her style, professionalism, and fashion savvy were truly impressive.

A good designer can design for any aesthetic, theme, or product, in my opinion. While I wouldn’t consider these looks my own aesthetic per se, they fit the bill for this project. Tippi told me I exceeded her expectations, which is a terrific compliment for me, since I was designing outside of my own typical preferences. I like being stretched in this way, and seek out challenges to further define my slant on design. I can define myself by what I am not, but first, I have to try things on for size to even know what that is.

There’s always some amount of trust and letting go that has to happen with a collaboration. Especially when you’re handing off to your collaborator, and then that person takes over the project and adds his/her voice. In fashion, this often means how someone “styles” the look, meaning how they accessorize it. Sometimes the additions might not match your initial vision. I find this friction really interesting and want to explore it. It’s something to question. Anyhow, I find that when working in groups, partners’ input can spark a new direction in your own work, or, conversely, re-affirm your own solitary slant.


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