Original Print Art & Development

In the past year I’ve become increasingly passionate about creating original print/pattern artwork. Here are some examples of my experimentation.


Dia, our client at Dora Landa, bought this one and it was produced for a bulk order. I made it using a combination of hand drawing, Illustrator for coloration and repeat, and Photoshop for blending.


A classic, simple, swirl dot I created with a Wacom tablet in Illustrator. It sold well for the brand.


A cheery spring vintage floral I created from coloring a pen and ink drawing of mine using Photoshop.

Watercolor Triangles

A femininely colored graphic print I made from repeating one of my abstract watercolor paintings using Photoshop.

Bright Tropical

A bold tropical drawn entirely in Illustrator.

Floral Stripe

A summery floral stripe combo that I drew in Illustrator, “distressed” areas of the individual motifs in Photoshop, then brought back into Illustrator to assemble the separate motifs and create the repeat.


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